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Aphorisms Galore! Is 20 Years Old Today!

posted 2017 by Peter Wastholm

Aphorisms Galore! celebrates its first twenty years by launching a few improvements:

As an experiment, I will also add a cryptocurrency tip jar where users and visitors can throw me a virtual coin if they want to show appreciation for the site and encourage its continued development.

Finally, if you haven't had enough of my ramblings, you're welcome to check out a blog post I wrote elsewhere: Twenty Years Without a Plan.

Happy New Year, thanks for your interest in Aphorisms Galore!, and here's to another twenty years!


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CommentCongrats!  ·  posted Dec '19 by Window Cleaning

Happiest of birthdays better late than never!

CommentCongrats  ·  posted Dec '19 by Swiftbonds

Congrats on your 20 years! Blessed.

CommentI respect you Mr Wastholm.  ·  posted Jan '20 by The Paysagiste Nantais

Dear Mr Wastholm.

Your admiration for your blog inspires me.

I admire that you manually deleted every single spammy comment from, I am ashamed to say, people like me.
But we are not all like that Sir, oh no. I don't take your website for its high metrics, I think it's damn awesome than you have a now 23-year-old blog.
This website will one day be worth a fortune so keep at it.

I hope you don't mind.Paysagiste nantes

CommentScarborough Chiropractor  ·  posted Feb '20 by Scarborough Chiropractor

Congrats on 20 years!!!

CommentI learn from this Article  ·  posted Feb '20 by Grandchamp Roofing

Thank you for this. Read it and learn something out of it.

CommentGood Work!  ·  posted Apr '20 by The Kent Scaffolder

First I'd like to say congratulations on 20 years! That in itself is something so special, you've been running this website since I was 9! Crazy stuff. Secondly, I'd like to mention how cool it is that you still look after your site! Many would have given into the spammers and got rid of the comment function but you solider on! Manually deleting each and every one of them. That takes some serious drive and dedication! Good on you. Also, it's super cool that you've removed google analytics from your site. Many people are completely unaware of how their data is harvested and used so big ups for that! I wish you the best of luck in the future Mr Wastholm and here's to another 20 years! Scaffolding Kent

CommentGlendale Landscaping  ·  posted 1 May by Glendale Landscaping

Wow congratulations! That is amazing!

CommentCongrats!  ·  posted 24 Aug by Gladys

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