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An aphorist is, of course, someone who coins aphorisms. Aphorisms Galore! has hundreds of aphorists in its collection. Some are historical, some contemporary; some are famous, some obscure. Some of them are Aphorisms Galore! users, some are not.


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CommentLouis Armstrong  ·  one aphorism  ·  2 comments

American jazz musician; b. 1900; d. 1971

CommentHoward Aiken  ·  one aphorism  ·  one comment

CommentPrince Nicholas Romanoff  ·  one aphorism

pretender to the Russian throne

CommentChris Y.  ·  one aphorism
CommentRami Belson  ·  one aphorism
CommentAesop  ·  one aphorism
CommentGreg  ·  one aphorism
CommentGeorge Moore  ·  one aphorism
CommentVictor Galaz  ·  one aphorism
CommentLudwig van Beethoven  ·  one aphorism

CommentHenry Miller  ·  one aphorism

b. 1891; d. 1980

CommentRussell Banks  ·  one aphorism
CommentM. Scott Peck  ·  one aphorism
CommentL. R. Powell  ·  one aphorism
CommentP. Medawar  ·  one aphorism
CommentHans A. Bethe  ·  one aphorism

CommentFred Allen  ·  one aphorism

American humorist; b. 1894; d. 1956

CommentOscar Ameringer  ·  one aphorism
CommentBrian Warner  ·  one aphorism

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