Aphorisms Galore!


The short version: Aphorisms Galore! only collects what information it needs to provide a useful service. I will make every reasonable effort to keep you in control of whatever personal information you may volunteer as a result of using Aphorisms Galore!

The slightly longer version:

Some things, like discussion forums and customized views, will work better if Aphorisms Galore! knows a bit about you, like your name or your preferences. Some things, like subscriptions, won't work at all without some personal information, like your email address. You are free to give me as much or as little personal information as you like, but some things won't work as intended, or at all, if you give too little. I will try to state as clearly as I can what each piece of personal information will be used for.

Whatever personal information you provide will not be made public without your approval. Your email address will never be given out to anyone. No personal information you provide will be sold to a third party, except in the pretty unlikely event that the entire Aphorisms Galore! site should be sold, in which case whatever information is deemed necessary to continue to operate the site will be included in the sale.

Note that if you sign comments in discussion forums with your name, or submit aphorisms attributed to yourself, you are deemed to have expressed a wish to be publicly credited as the creator. If you do not want this, comment anonymously and/or attribute your aphorisms to Unknown.

If you choose to create a user profile and use the site as a logged-in user, Aphorisms Galore! will store a cookie in your browser to keep track of your session. This is currently Aphorisms Galore!'s only use of cookies. (Advertisers and/or affiliates may or may not use cookies for various purposes, but this is beyond my control.) If you strongly object to cookies, you are perfectly free to use the site as a visitor.