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Comcast email trouble. If you are a Comcast user, you are probably not receiving any subscription email messages (like the Aphorism of the Day) right now. Or any email from me, for that matter. Comcast claims my email server is on some sort of blacklist. I'm working on it.


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CommentI respect you Mr Wastholm.  ·  posted Jan '20 by The Paysagiste Nantais

Dear Mr Wastholm.

Your admiration for your blog inspires me.

I admire that you manually deleted every single spammy comment from, I am ashamed to say, people like me.
But we are not all like that Sir, oh no. I don't take your website for its high metrics, I think it's damn awesome than you have a now 23-year-old blog.
This website will one day be worth a fortune so keep at it.

I hope you don't mind.<a href="https://www.paysagesdenantes.com/">Paysagiste nantes</a>