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There is no opinion so ridiculous that at least one American does not hold it.

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Bryer's mother

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Failure begins not when you are beaten down but when you give up.

Lowell Boggs, in Success and Failure and Wealth and Poverty

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All luck is bad. Bad luck is obviously bad, but good luck fools you into thinking that you did something right.

, in Work and Recreation and Success and Failure

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Its even harder to soar with the eagles if turkeys are standing on your wings.

Lowell Boggs, in Work and Recreation

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Mediocrity is its own reward: you get what you give.

Lowell Boggs, in Success and Failure and Work and Recreation

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Minor rewording suggestion  ·  posted 2009 by lboggs

The idea is excellent, but in the statement there is a mismatch between the plurality of cynicism and "ashes". Perhaps one of these minor rewordings:

1. Cynicism is the ash of belief.
2. In the ashes of our belief, we find only cynicism

Just a thought.

Maybe Thomas Acquinas  ·  posted 2009 by lboggs

Sounds vaguely like Thomas Acquinas. Didn't he write that God will always behave logically because otherwise how could we understand Him enough to worship Him?

Actually there is (false) proof that 1 + 1 = 2. A hidden divide by zero pops up in the middle and most people will not catch it. Of course, now that we have the internet, the falseness of this proof should be known to most people interested in mathematical puzzles....