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Yes, more commonly  ·  posted 2018 by deevee

We all go to the school of hard knocks, we don't all learn much there.

Hypocrites  ·  posted 2018 by David Vineberg

(Sober )
Maybe self knowledge is wanted here? And who has that? Worse, wouldn't it be needed in abundance?

Reply  ·  posted 2018 by Yelena Hopper


reply  ·  posted 2018 by danny


Comment.  ·  posted 2017 by Drasko Veselinovic

Good one. I like it.
Additional one: Chess is an interracial game.

aborigine  ·  posted 2017 by jimmy

nice post.

(no title)  ·  posted 2017 by Ulysses

Don't forget the rules for transplant of body parts. Everyone waits in a que, for a free donation, rich and poor alike. The surgeons will not operate on the rich man who has purchased his organ. That is not the rule in all countries.

Wow  ·  posted 2017 by Gabriella

I came here to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attached right now

(no title)  ·  posted 2017 by Ulysses

"If I say it three times, it is true" - Lewis Carroll or Carroll Lewis. I have heard this aphorism from a minister of government in 1975 and other important people, since then. The rain happens regularly; sickness, loss of job, mortgagees sale but it is not a great secret and there is insurance - used to be called "income protection insurance"

(no title)  ·  posted 2017 by Arthurok87

More like it

(no title)  ·  posted 2017 by Ulysses

They can't.
Two poor man; both starving; one steals, the other does not. No-one can say.
Not much evidence on what the superman of the world would do.

The snowflakes will never get it  ·  posted 2017 by J. Barnes

Rated fair? Put your life on the line and you will get it.

truth  ·  posted 2017 by Anonymous

(no title)  ·  posted 2017 by Anonymous

God is love.

(no title)  ·  posted 2017 by Ulysses

"...make fun of you."; I don't remember anything good on TV about that but about males being inapt in the sexual act, yes. See Australian TV series of the 2000 decade: PUBERTY BLUES. About 25 seconds in one episode.

(no title)  ·  posted 2016 by Ulysses

For a different view see movie "KINGSMEN", starring Colin Firth, Samuel L Jackson, ................

(no title)  ·  posted 2016 by Anonymous

Mon Dieu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not understand this to be obviously true; I do not understand it at all.

(no title)  ·  posted 2016 by Ulysses

Senator Leyonhejlm (Ind.)is an admirer. Senator Leyonhejlm , BVs, LLB, MBA

(no title)  ·  posted 2016 by Ulysses

Senator Leyonhejlm (Ind.)is an admirer. Senator Leyonhejlm , BVs, LLB, MBA

Totally inappropriate  ·  posted 2016 by Bill Duncan

Really? In today's day and age you are going to advocate for physical abuse of children or employees? What next? An aphorism about scantily clad women asking for it when they are raped?

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