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Selling Mein Kampf -- right or wrong?

posted 2000 by Aphorisms Galore! Webmaster

Over the years, a few users have questioned my motives for selling Mein Kampf through the site. I sell the book for two reasons:

1: Traceability. I have a number of aphorisms by Adolf Hitler in my collection, some of which are taken from this book. In cases like this, I try to include the title in the Shopping section, to allow visitors who might be interested to buy it.

2: Candor. Unlike the Nazis themselves, I do not believe in censorship. And unlike some, nor do I believe that today's Nazism can be ignored to death. Rather, I believe that the best way to fight dark ideologies is to drag them out into the light for all to see.

What do you think? Voice your opinion in this forum!


Re: Selling Mein Kampf -- right or wrong  ·  posted 2001 by fakehead

the Nazi burned books, do prohibit in anyway the selling of a book is the same thing. i have read mein kampf and found it... well insightful, but this in no way encourage me to those extremes, my ideological beliefs at to the other side of the spectrum. tolerance compassion and understanding are what we need in this world. if people read this they can help understand, if we understand our historical atrocities we can help stop them in the future.

Re: Selling Mein Kampf -- right or wrong  ·  posted 2001 by Andrew Bushard

Yes, it is a good idea to sell Mein Kampf. It is a great way to learn about history. And although Hitler's views on racism are off the mark, he was an excellent leader, who can teach us something. I am reading Mein Kampf right now. About 200 pages to go. Any leftist who wants to stop tpeople from reading Mein Kampf is dangerous.

Andrew Bushard

Re: Selling Mein Kampf -- right or wrong  ·  posted 2001 by jutta reimann-speck

I think that it is up to the individual to by this book. As long this book is for sale the more people are interested to buy. So why not selling? I would also like to sell my book "Mein Kampf" 1st Edition which belonged to my aunt.Maybe you want to buy it??? Jutta