Aphorisms Galore!


posted 2001 by Barry

I am not trying to be smart with this line of enquiry but I'd like to get to know what is it about men that women become most annoyed about. Being in my early twenties I continue to assume that I have cracked the female mentality. Unfortunately I cannot even come up with a sterotypical profile for a woman. So answer me, are all women so complicated or are there just a few simple common needs that men just never seem to pick up on.


Re: Women  ·  posted 2002 by Logan

Dear Sir, I hope you are not seeking to gain this knowledge for evil purposes. The book Mars and Venus on a Date has helped me to better understand the male-female dynamic much better. Although it is unwise to try to stereotype gender roles, there are commonly made mistakes on both sides of the fence that could easily be avoided with some understanding of each others expectations and desires. Good Luck, you are going to need it!

Re: Women  ·  posted 2002 by kriz

The fact that you are trying to define some stereotype for females is a worry unto itself. There are none. And there aren't for men either. We all love to joke about it, and it's what most shit American sitcoms thrive on, but if you are honest with yourself and don't live in a TV induced dreamworld, you would realise that we are all different. My advice is to get comfortable with yourself first. Don't look to see how you reflect in other people's eyes. You will not attract true friends are partners until you lose your desire to try and please people in way that isn't you. I overheard this conversation on a bus once between a guy and a girl. They were discussing some other guy, and the guy said "What is it with John anyway? All the girls like him, and he's not even that good looking." The girl replied "It's because he walks tall." Succinct but correct. cya, Kriz

Re: Women  ·  posted 2001 by pablo

Women are so complicated, that only a few simple things are all they want. to find those simple things Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching. Sing like nobody's listening. Live like it's Heaven on Earth