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https://www.kichking.com/blogs/news/what-is-the-secret-ingredient-that-top-chefs-use-to-enhance-the-flavor-of-gravy  ·  posted 29 Jan by KICHKING

Greetings, food enthusiasts and culinary wizards! We are here to share a little secret whispered among top chefs around the world - the secret ingredient that gives gravy an extraordinary touch.

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https://www.edulete.in/question/the-appalachian-azure-can-be-classified-under-which-taxonomic-group  ·  posted Sep '22 by appalachian azure

The Appalachian sky blue is a butterfly in the gossamer wings family Lycaenidae. The male is light blue on the upper wing with a restricted, dim line running along the edge of the forewing. The underwing is pasty white and is spotted with little, pale dull spots.

https://www.edulete.in/question/the-animal-with-the-scientific-name-acropora-speciosa-belongs-to-which-category-species-group  ·  posted Sep '22 by acropora rotumana

Acropora rotumana (Gardiner, 1898) ; Animalia (Realm) ; Cnidaria (Phylum) ; Anthozoa (Class) ; Hexacorallia (Subclass) ; Scleractinia (Request) ...

https://www.edulete.in/question/what-is-the-mineral-gaudefroyite-s-chemical-formula  ·  posted Sep '22 by sinjarite

Sinjarite ; Brilliance: Glassy, Resinous ; Hardness: 1½ ; Explicit Gravity: 1.66 ; Precious stone Framework: Tetragonal ; Name: Named after the Sinjar Watercourse, Iraq, its revelation ...
Gem Framework: Tetragonal
Equation: CaCl2 · 2H2O

https://www.edulete.in/question/what-is-the-san-joaquin-antelope-squirrel-s-phylum  ·  posted Sep '22 by amrit kumar

The San Joaquin impala squirrel or Nelson's gazelle squirrel, is a types of eland squirrel, in the San Joaquin Valley of the U.S. province of California.

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