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Doug Horton

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CommentWhat is this quazi-Zen stuff?  ·  posted 2001 by Zeke Hoskin

Doug Horton is undoubtedly a wise man, but he doesn't seem to have been caught saying 58 wise things so far in his life. Why would Aphorisms have only a small handful from such people as Voltaire, but such a complete selection of mixed wisdom and drivel from Horton?

In particular: "Why ask why? If it's raining, it just is." There are no dumb questions, but that comes perilously close to being a dumb answer. It isn't raining because God doesn't want you to play croquet, it's raining because the clouds ran into some cold air, and this can be predicted, worked around, and even, if we decide that it would be a good idea to do so, messed with.

When we say, "It's raining", why do we never ask what "it" is?//Zeke Hoskin

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